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In case you haven’t heard…..The Art Store has moved!

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This morning while chatting with a client on the phone about a print he asked me, “Hey, what happened to the Art Store?”

Now this particular client is a regular with me, and a regular over at the Art Store.  So I teased him a little bit.  I told him the Art Store has moved over to 6th street.  And I pointed out that they’ve been giving out flyers, their front window has been announcing for weeks and weeks, and the move is finally done!

He admitted to tunnel vision whenever he went into the store.  On a mission for supplies, not reading the window, etc.

So, to all of you local Prescott folks…….

The Art Store Has Moved!  And they are still in business!  🙂

For all the info on the new location and the store click here and check out their website.

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