Into the Desert

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desertland-2Ocotillo Wells.  A place that falls under my personal umbrella of “Borrego.”

Today I took a ride out to Salton Sea.  I wanted to look around the area and see if I could find the locations where a few favorite photos were taken.  Not my photos, but those of another photographer.  I just wanted to see what jumped out to another photographer’s eye.

I didn’t find the places I’d hoped to.  In the end I decided to take 78 back to Borrego Springs.  Right through Ocotillo Wells.

This area of California is pretty interesting to me.  A Palm Oasis, the big horn sheep, crazy little kangaroo rats, Badlands similar to South Dakota, open desert, and close by areas that remind me of New England.  What a mix!

The ride back from Salton Sea along 78 was another unique area in my mind.  Some wide open desert, areas that looks like dunes, and more areas that remind me of the badlands.  Go figure the area is an Off Road Vehicle recreation area.

desertland-3Dirt tracks go off in all directions in Ocotillo Wells.  Everywhere you look you’ll find the tred marks of 4 wheelers, 3 wheelers, motorcycles, Jeeps, etc.  Basically a dirt hound’s paradise.  It helps me to understand more the number of big RVs that pull out here with Jeeps or ORVs in tow.

My first year visiting Borrego Springs I stayed for a few weeks.  I had the opportunity to see the change in residents each weekend.  The weekdays were relatively quite, and the weekends provided a constant procession of Class A motorhomes pulling in with every type of off road vehicle imaginable.

We’re not talking the small or slight RVs, but the “big rigs.”  You know, the RVs that cost as much if not more than a moderate home.  And with them some of the coolest Jeeps I’ve ever seen in tow.

This weekend Mike and I ran across a Jeep camping expidition.  The first Jeep that passed by us was driven by a man with high end driving gloves on.  The interior of the vehicle was loaded with all the latest gadgetry imaginable.  Basically, if I were to be allowed to deck a Jeep out, this would be my type of Jeep.

desertland-1All the Jeeps that passed were heavily loaded down with gear.  And all were returning to large RV’s somewhere in the park.  The vehicles were towed out here, and were not driven to the park.  Their sole purpose, off roading on weekends in places like Ocotillo Wells.

I’m not knocking the off road crowd, so don’t get me wrong.  But I’m interested in seeing all of this here in California.  With all the smog regulations, extreme taxes, ordinances, etc., seeing so many off roaders just doesn’t match up in my mind.  Plus the highest gas prices in the U.S. seem to be here, in CA., and that doesn’t seem to deter the large groups of people who come out here to go off roading.

By the way, I’d love to have a Jeep again.  Unfortunately Jeeps can’t tow my Airstream.  So the Titan is what I’m working with.  Sure would be cool to deck it out like the incredible rigs I’ve seen here!

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