It must be the Whiskey Row Off Road

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offroad (1 of 1)It’s cold outside today.  Really cold.  And it’s also damp.  It rained off and on all night.  So with that in mind, it must be the Whiskey Row Off Road weekend…..  Poor mountain bikers!

Last year the weather didn’t show a lot of love to the mountain bikers who came to ride the Whiskey Row Off Road race.  And this year isn’t much better.  The “Pro” group will be riding today, and they’ve got an icky gray and wet day to ride.

Back in 2011 I had a great time photographing the cyclists all weekend long.  Good conditions all around.  Today I won’t be going out to shoot.  It keeps raining off and on here at the Airstream, and I don’t feel like soaking the camera gear.

Point of Rocks is full of race participants.  And they’re all pretty chipper, even with the weather.  I talked to a few people yesterday who did their races, and everyone had a good time.  But they also all commented on the weather and compared it to last year’s race.

It’s funny.  Some of the major events in town always seem to get the bad weather.  The Phippen Art Show is the perfect example.  Every year when that show goes on major wind storms seem to pop up, and wreak havoc with folks displaying their art in tents on the square.  And now we seem to be developing a bad weather pattern for the Whiskey Row Off Road racers each year.

Here’s hoping they all have a safe race today, and that the skies clear up for the riders!


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