I’ve entered a contest, and you can vote on it!

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Photo contests & me?  Yeah, I just don’t enter often.  But I thought I’d try something different and go ahead and enter a contest.

Catherine Hall, photographer, TWiT Photo host, and more, has a fun little contest running.  Self portraits…….

Really?  You entered a self portrait contest?  You gotta be kidding, Rich is rarely in front of the camera.

Too true, too true.  But I did make one self portrait that I liked a lot while testing out some grids from Honl.

The contest allows for folks voting on the image over on Facebook.  If you’d like to vote for my image (please feel free to) you can click here to vote.  Please feel free to vote early and often.  Oh wait, this isn’t like a political thing.  You can vote once.  😉

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