Just a concept

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You know, a lot of movies hitting the big screen lately have been toying with “high key” type effects.  After seeing “The Book of Eli” I walked away with too many ideas about some images I’d like to create.  I mean, I do live in the desert, and lets face it.  That movie was kind of “desert-y”.  Yeah, that’s a word.

So, tonight I went out into the Dells for a walk.  The camera came along.  And then I returned home.  A few HDRs, a few normal photos, and some extra toying.

Tomorrow I’ll write up something more on all the concepts.  But thought I’d pop one “test” image up.  It’s not done, I’m still working it out.  All done in Lightroom.  No HDR, no Photoshop.  Just messing with brushes and gradients in Lightroom……

Just a concept in the works....

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