A truck camper parked at Rusty's RV Ranch

Label Games

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Whenever we travel I find myself amazed by some of the labeling games people play.  When searching for parks we often find places listed as a “resort,” only to arrive and find that the park in question is anything but a resort.

Just the other day coming through Gila Bend we stopped to get some gas, and the gas station was next to a park claiming to be a Resort.  RV resorts bring to mind places with pools, hot tubs, cool recreation areas, and more.  They do not bring to mind a dirt parking lot next to a gas station right off of I-8.  Nope, that doesn’t say resort to me.

Many places take it even further than that.  One of the big games that travelers will run into are parks that have free Wi-Fi.  More than 50% of parks I’ve stopped into offer free Wi-Fi, but when you arrive you discover that said Wi-Fi only works in a certain place.  The whole park isn’t covered.  And often times you’ll find that the Wi-Fi isn’t even working.


A truck camper parked at Rusty's RV Ranch

A truck camper parked at Rusty’s RV Ranch

Rusty’s RV Ranch lives up to their own claims

As we’re visiting the Coronado National Forest and Chiricahua National Monument, we’ve split our time in half.  We’re spending the first half of our visit on the eastern side of the mountains at one of the very few places you can park a bigger rig.  Rusty’s RV Ranch, located in Rodeo New Mexico, offers extremely close access to the mountains, and to many birding areas.

The park offers Free Wi-Fi, and it’s throughout the park.  We’re in one of the sites furthest out from the office, and we’ve got good signal.  They bill themselves as an RV Ranch, and that’s the feeling we have out here.  It’s a well maintained park, and very convenient for what we’re doing.  They’ve even got a cool mini-pool!  And even with that, they didn’t call themselves a resort?

We’d love to re-do their website for them.  If you clicked their link and you’re on a mobile device you’ll know why we’d like to.  🙂

The next location

After we move on from Rusty’s we’ll be heading to a boondocking site.  Boondocking sites are exactly what you expect.  No power, no water, no park provided Wi-Fi, and no hot tubs.  Of course, we have been boondocking at locations with natural hot springs….but those places aren’t called resorts either.

I suppose I’d just like totally accurate information from the parks we stay in.  Don’t over bill yourself, and don’t short sell yourself.

If you’re wanting to visit the Coronado National Forest, Rusty’s is a great option for bigger rigs so check them out.  There’s very little boondocking in this area, and the camps in the park have size limitations.

Our Airstream at Rusty's RV Ranch

Our Airstream at Rusty’s RV Ranch

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