Granite Mountain Prescott AZ from The Watson Lake Inn.

Our latest customer – The Watson Lake Inn Bed and Breakfast

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I have to say, it’s incredibly tough to blog for myself these days.  With our business there’s a lot of time spent online.  A lot of time spent writing content for our clients.  And when the day is over, I honestly don’t feel like writing anything more.  So here I am first thing in the morning writing.  Maybe I should make a habit of writing for myself before anyone else….  We’ll have to see how that goes.

Over the past few weeks I’ve personally been very busy working with a new business in Prescott AZ.  The Watson Lake Inn B&B.  They’re right around the corner (literally) from Point of Rocks RV Park.  A cute log cabin nestled in the Granite Dells.  What an awesome location!

Now you might think, “does Prescott need another B&B?”  I know, there are hotels, motels, motor lodges and B&B’s in Prescott.  The town depends on visitors a lot.  And fortunately so many people come to visit the city that there is definitely room for another B&B.  More importantly, this one is pretty unique and offers something that other lodging choices don’t in the area.  A Master Chef running the establishment!

The Watson Lake Inn Bed and Breakfast in Prescott AZ

What Does The Watson Lake Inn Have To Offer?

Of course, they offer over night accommodations.  3 suites to choose from.  Every one of them offer views of the Granite Dells out of the windows.  They also offer breakfast (it’s in the name).  But not just any breakfast.  One created by a Master Chef!  And the Inn plays on it’s strengths well.

Granite Mountain Prescott AZ from The Watson Lake Inn.

Shot in the early morning, a look at the Watson Lake Inn’s cute log cabin with Granite Mountain in the background

Chef Peter Gebauer will prepare breakfast every day for guests.  He is also going to offer cooking classes for guests and non-guests alike.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn a particular cooking techniques, or just the basics, the Chef will have something to offer you!

While working with the owners we actually had the opportunity to film one of their classes.  The whole video wasn’t put up, just a shorter clip to give people a feel for Peter’s instruction.  I was wowed, and slightly disappointed.  Peter took us through one of his cheese making classes, and due to my allergies I can no longer have real cheese.  I was surprised how quickly a person could make mozzarella at home, and found myself really wishing I could taste it!  Bottom line?  I miss cheese!

Lack of blogging excuse finished

So, there’s my excuse for my lack of blogging.  It’s the same excuse I’ve been going with for the past few years.  Too busy to write my own posts, I’m writing them for other people.  I suppose I should blog about the most recent clients, working from the Airstream, etc.

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  1. That is a great picture of the owners! We won’t tell her that her name is misspelled!

  2. Hey rich. It’s been a long time! Hope you’re working at a place like this when we come visit. Myles

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