Lightroom 4 with R.L. Charpentier Photography!

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I know how many people have been waiting for the next Lightroom class.  I get asked a few times a week, and now we’re ready to roll.

June 30th is our next Lightroom class, and we’ll be using Adobe’s new Lightroom 4.  There are a ton of new features to explore on LR4.  Of course, we’ll start from the beginning.  Setting up your library, sorting, selecting, editing, and the rest.  This class is for those starting out with Lightroom 4, and for those who have some experience with Lightroom.  We’ll also cover workflow topics and how to get the most out of your editing time.

Finally, students who attend will receive my new DVD on Lightroom Workflow.  It covers the class and a little more!

We’re only admitting 10 students to this one maximum, and currently there are 7 slots remaining.  So sign up here today!


$79.00 for a full day of Lightroom 4 with Rich.

We’ll be running the class at The Art Store’s new location on 6th Street here in Prescott, AZ!

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  1. If I could join your class, believe me I would. Always learn much from our get-togethers. Sadly our winter trip is about to come to an end. Be back in MT about May 3.

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