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Living In Tin is officially live

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Almost a week ago I floated a new idea that I’ve been toying with.  And today I’m here to tell you, it’s not just an idea, it’s a reality.  LivingInTin.com is officially live!

Living in Tin

Living in Tin

Since 2005 I have actively been blogging.  Originally it was “Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles.”  That site lived from 2005 – 2008 when it came under relentless hacking in August of 2008.  At that point “The Airstream Chronicles Continued,” was launched and has been active for 6 years now!  Wow!  1627 posts during that time, 3,101 comments, and who knows how many photos.  And I can promise, this site isn’t going away, but what happens here will change a little.

Aerial Airstream Photography

Aerial Airstream Photography. Bet you’d love to camp there. A full article about this location will be on Living In Tin in October.

Over the years you’ve followed travels, the building of a business, the failure of a business, getting up and brushing the dust off, and a continued march forward.  Living in Tin is now also part of that march forward, and we’ll see how it goes in the coming weeks.

Going forward, this site will continue to update travels, follow where the Airstream goes, and document my personal experience living as a full time Airstreamer.  So that won’t change.  But if you’re looking for long articles on where to go, where to stay, photography tutorials, and detailed pieces with stunning photography you might want to poke your head over to the new site.

From here on out the big articles will be at Livingintin.com.  When days are spent researching areas, finding out of the way places to camp, creating video presentations…well, that takes a lot of time to create that kind of content.  The same kind of time that it takes to create a guide book or photography tutorial book.  And those types of articles will keep showing up at Livingintin.com.  That will be their new home.

The goal with the new site is pretty simple.  We’re going to pick up where we left off trying to create the “RV’ers Guide to the National Monuments of the Southwest.”  An e-book will still be in the works, but it’s going to take a longer time to create.  The new site will offer trip reports, guides, and tutorials to subscribers and will help fund our efforts to create new content.  Every subscription goes toward visiting another National Monument, or out of the way park, or unknown BLM camping spot.  Each month we’ll put up at least 2 premium articles, and you won’t be disappointed.  The site won’t be a “blog” like this one (in other words I’ll proof things, pay attention to grammar, and not just slam out a post).  It will be the living e-book that documents places beyond just the National Monuments.

In the next few weeks we may launch a new campaign to document the National Monuments of one state only (Arizona????).  And if we do, we’ll be offering subscriptions to the new site as rewards, as well as an e-book on the state that we select.  If things work out, Living In Tin will act as host to articles created while we visit the locations, and subscribers will get the inside scoop on everything well before an e-book is produced!  And the articles will go beyond just the National Monuments.  We’re looking to find those places that really get you away from reality, and destinations that will wow you!

So, pop on over to Living in Tin.  There are 6 premium articles & several free articles if you’re just looking around (which will continue going forward). If you like the concept go ahead and subscribe.  You can do a day long free trial, a month, half year, or year.  It’s up to you.

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