Lyve Canvas Sale in my e-mail…..

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Breathing Color just hit me with an e-mail.  A sale on a sampler pack for Lyve Canvas, Glamour II Veneer and rollers.

Normally I wouldn’t mention a sale flier from a vendor, but I thought I should say something on this one.  The site has been getting “Lyve” hits all morning.

Several months ago I did a “quick and dirty” review of Lyve.  Since that point in time I have been printing with Lyve.  I still have a few rolls of Chromata left as well, and I’m working through them.  Going forward I’ll be ordering Lyve.  I think that’s enough of an endorsement, don’t you?

If you’re looking for my rundown on Lyve Canvas, click here and you’ll get to check out my review.  If you’re someone who just got the sale notification from Breathing Color and you create giclee’ reproductions, give it a try.  The starter pack is reasonably priced, and I think you’ll really like the results!

Tell Breathing Color I said “Hi”.  No, I don’t get any kickbacks from them, but I do like knowing that I’ve sent them a lot of new customers!  Always glad to give a nod to a company that does business the way it should be done!

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