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The Titan has been repaired!  And huge props go out to Mac’s Desert Auto Service, and specifically to Robert.

This afternoon I decided to give the 3 auto service companies in Borrego one more try.  One company no longer has the number I found on the web.  One just kept ringing and ringing.  And Mac’s (I found on Facebook of all places) answered.  Actually, Robert answered.

I explained my issue to Robert.  He pondered it.  The shifter no longer would put me in neutral, park, reverse, etc.  Only drive.  Not a fun issue.

After detailing the issue I let him know that I didn’t expect help today.  I just wanted to know when I could get a tow into town and we’d go from there.  Instead, Robert asked me for my location, and told me to stand by the road as he’d be in the area in 10 minutes…….

He wasn’t kidding.  Withing 10 minutes he was at my location.  5 minutes after that he found the issue.  The linkage bolt on my undercarriage for the shifter had fallen out.  Maybe that ride into Font’s Point was rougher than I remembered.  Or maybe it hadn’t been checked in forever even though I had a ton of work on the truck in the past 3 months.  Whatever the case, that’s what happened.

I followed Robert into town when he got me running again.  We had to replace the bolt.  A temporary fix was made on location, good enough to get the Titan to town.  Sweet!

So, when we got around to the bill I was told $40.  Stuck in the desert wondering if I needed a tow that was not the number in my head.  But Robert was a super honest guy.  He was about to go home when I called (short day) and instead took the time to help me out.  Sweet again!

So, here’s the information:


Mac’s Desert Auto Service, Complete Automotive Repair.  755 Palm Canyon Drive, Borrego Springs CA.  92004.

Phone number:  760-767-0800

They don’t have a website as of today, but I’ll be following up with them about that soon.  If you’re ever in Borrego and need automotive assistance make sure to call them.  Ask for Robert if he’s in.  The guy was honest and helpful beyond all expectations!

I found no real reviews of the auto services in town, so I’m making one here.  Thanks to Mac’s, and thanks to Robert.  Mac, you’ve got a stellar employee there, make sure to keep him around!

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