Matthews Century C-Stand – Last Week’s Big Winner

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You’ve seen them all over the place if you’re into photography.  Kelby Training videos, lighting videos, Joe McNally seems to be a fan, as are many photographers who use C-Stands.  And with last week’s shoot I’d decided it was time to get my own C-Stand for the new studio…….

Of course, I had no intention of bringing it along for the commercial shoot.  It’s big, a little heavy, etc, etc.  I was thinking totally portable beyond all meaning.  But at the last minute the new C-Stand found itself in the back of the Nissan Titan.  And I’m so glad it came along!

While on location we found the need for multiple strobes.  And the strobes were positioned in odd places.  Of course, that left the “main light” in the lurch.  Nobody to hang out and monitor it.  Other lights were being handheld, hoisted into scene, etc.  So, every shot had the main light on the C-Stand.  It also worked great holding a soft box millimeters from car windows to light the occupants.

What’s a C-Stand for?  Well, booming a light over a subject?  Holding large softboxes?  Providing a super stable platform that allows so many possibilities with your lights?  Yup, all of the above.  And for the price?  Well worth it.

Next time you’re by the studio ask me to check out the stand…..I’ll be happy to show it to you!


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  1. gee Rich, I don’t know what I’m more excited about; getting a contract or knowing that I can finally buy the next costume for the next shoot and that… gulp…. I might get to see the C stand in action. Oh! the sheer excitement of it all.

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