Monday updates from the Row……

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All settled in?  Well, settling in.  Things will work themselves into a rhythm this week I’m sure.  What’s on tap at R.L. Charpentier Photography this week?

Painting Reproduction Like A Mad Man!

I have 3 new pieces from Marcia Molnar to finish off today / tomorrow.  Additionally I have 5 new pieces from a new artist, Derrick, to shoot and match.  Yeah, there’s going to be some major pixel peeping this week.

Portrait Client Files

In addition to color matching I have 3 sets of shoots to process and print this week.  1 big family portrait session, one small family, and an engagement session.  I’ve already done my initial flagging for good shots, now it’s time for a little bit of post production cleanup.  🙂

Getting The Word Out

This week will also be heavily focused on getting the word out about my new services, location, and scheduling.  New advertising materials are now in the works.  That means brochures, additional web advertisements, the works!

Stirring The Pot!

Saturday’s post regarding the issues I had while shooting on the Courthouse plaza generated a ton of response.  Private e-mails, Facebook threads, and comments here on the blog.  Several photographers picked up the post and re-linked on their own Facebook pages.  It seems most folks are not too happy about the concept of needing a permit on the plaza if they look professional.  And given the fact that an amateur was also hassled while trying to take a picture of her friends on the Courthouse steps, folks are even less happy.

Let me say this.  I wasn’t trying to stir the pot or create a controversy.  Just blogged exactly what happened (again) and my personal reaction to it.  I’ve done a lot in the 4 years that I’ve been here to promote this town.  I’m a happy resident here, and love most everything about Prescott.  Great climbing, amazing rocks, National Forest all around us, fun events, the works.  But the new permit requirement on the plaza doesn’t make much sense to me.  If I was out with a big crew, generators, and a mob of folks I could see that being a nuisance and needing a permit.  4 people on the plaza steps with nobody else around just doesn’t seem like an issue to me.

More To Come……

There’s more going on, but I’ve got to get to work.  First up, a tough color match!

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