Movie time at the Airstream

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We’re presented with another wet and gray day.  And apparently it’s going to continue for a while today so I’m hunkering down for the moment and kicking on a movie.  Maybe two.

Over the years I’ve added many DVD’s to my ITunes video library.  Today that library resides on my Drobo along with my photo libraries and client backups.  The Drobo is now at 6TB of usable storage plus backup storage.  Pretty sweet!  Of course I wish it was a little smaller as it does take up a bit of space on the dinette here.

Someday we really do have to make some changes in the Airstream!  The dinette just isn’t cutting it!

I’m thinking Avengers for the early afternoon.  Since Jodi is off at Comicon I’m having a need for some super hero fun as well.

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