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Full Time RV Airstream

Oh yes, I love this scene!

It’s been a month since we’ve moved along from Cortez to Prescott.  And in that month we’ve been working hard with several clients.  One in New Jersey, and now three here in Prescott (came here to work with one only).  And it’s great to have a busy month, or even two.  That’s what we’ve been looking for.  A consistent stream of clients.

We’ll be extending another month here.  So that means November will also be spent in Prescott.  Unfortunately, we’ve got to move sites today.  A big rally group is coming into Point of Rocks for the weekend and the spot we’re in is already reserved for the rally members.

Since we’ve been all over the country this year working on RV Park Websites, B&B Websites, Flight School Sites, etc., we didn’t keep a space reserved in Point of Rocks.  Bottom line, we didn’t know when we would be back.  So because of that we’ve got to do a little moving around.  Pack it all up, hitch up, drive 50 yards, and unhook.  In a few days we’ll be moving back, once the rally is over.

When I first arrived in Prescott and found Point of Rocks I did the same thing.  Almost every week I’d have to hook up and move to another spot.  Finally in November of 2007 a Full Time RV spot came open, and I had that one from November of 2007 – February of 2012.

At some point I really need to figure out a spot to call “home base.”  I don’t think it’s Prescott any longer, as clients pop up all over the place.  Some full time RV’ers use mailing services and address services.  Florida, Texas, South Dakota.  Each of these states offers full time RV’ers options for mail forwarding and declaring residency.  And I’m starting to think it’s time for me to use one of these services too.

For other full time RV’ers, I would love to hear about your experiences with these businesses, and what you think works the best.

Well, off to get the Airstream to move a few yards down the way.  It’s chilly out, frost is on the ground, and I’m procrastinating big time!

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  1. Have a smooth move, Rich. Splendid dinner with you and Jodi last night. Sparky and I will cruise past your new site before we pull out of here tomorrow morning. Great meeting you guys. You and Jodi are the definition of a true TEAM!

    🙂 BP

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