My Airstream – This weekend, the photo studio extraordinaire

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Pelican Cases, camera packs, lenses, cleaning solution, battery chargers, strobes, battery packs, and CF cards everywhere.  Oh, cameras too.  Yeah, that’s the Airstream this weekend.  Normally it’s home, but for the weekend it is gear central and the mini studio / lab.

As you’re reading this post I’m off an away.  Probably firing off some images right now….and right now……and maybe another one right now.  That’s right, this is a pre-written post.  Had to be done.  There would be no way I’m posting today given how busy I am.

Today I’m back out in the Dells photographing a very special event for Becky & Sean.  If you guess wedding, you’re 100% correct.  And yes, I know, “You don’t shoot weddings Rich.”  As a rule, I don’t.  But last Spring I did an engagement session for Becky & Sean.  Their personalities click with me.  And their joy when they’re together is contagious.  So, when Becky came to my studio after their shoot and asked if I’d reconsider my policy, I told her I already had.  Walking back to my truck after photographing them I looked at Kassi (one of my lighting assistants) and asked her, “If they want us at their wedding, would you be interested?”  It was an easy yes for her too.

I’ve been preparing and planning for this one for months now.  And there are some challenges.  Challenge #1?  No shade, harsh sunlight on the top of the Granite Dells in Watson Lake Park.  If you want to go somewhere with no shade, the area where the ceremony is taking place is perfect.  10:30 a.m. shoot.  Ceremony wraps up by 11:00, then we’ll be doing group shots, bride & groom, etc.  We’re going to be challenged with the sun to be sure.  And it’s been very HOT this week!

Actually, I spent Friday morning hanging out at Watson Lake to see what my issues would be.  There are plenty……but we will produce lovely shots to be sure.  I know how to overcome the challenges.  Being well prepared helps!

Once we wrap up I’ll be back at the Airstream.  Gear will come back inside.  Images will be offloaded.  And the post processing will begin.  There’s some work ahead.

While I’m working on Post I’ll be recharging everything.  Monday I’ll be doing 2 shoots.  Gotta have everything charged for that.

Whew.  When this is over I’ll have to get the gear back to the studio.  That way I’ll have room to take a nap in the Airstream again!  🙂

P.S.  The Airstream is a super cool portable lab.  Someday I’d love to travel a lot again, shoot commercial, landscape, and portrait work while on the road…….That’s a goal!

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