My birthday wish for all of you

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8:20 a.m. here at the Airstream.  My first birthday phone call woke me up and kept me from oversleeping.  Thanks Jade, I did need to get up.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m doing.  Either it’s brilliant or it’s totally insane.  Maybe it’s a combination of the two.  Setting out once more a year after my photography business totally tanked to try building a business again.  This time with more knowledge and a broader idea that takes my work beyond just being a photographer.  Now I’m wrapping some of my other skill sets together, and hopefully the idea will be compelling enough to get attention from my market.  We’ll have to see if it works, and if it doesn’t there’s always something else I can do.  Bottom line?

I’m taking a risk again.

And now……

Shadows and Color

My wish for all you

Have you ever seen an image so compelling that it made you want to see the place for yourself?  Did the idea of the place capture your imagination and make you wish you were there?  It’s happened to me on more than one occasion.  Seeing something so amazing in print that I wanted to go there myself.

Now, did you go there?  Have you gotten to see the places that moved you?  If not, why not?  And if you have gotten to experience that fantasy location, wasn’t it better in person than in print?

I’ve spent a lot of my time over the past few years sharing some amazing places with my readers.  Folks who walked into my old gallery often commented on how amazing my images were.  And I always told them the same thing along with my appreciation that they liked my work…….

I told them they needed to go see the places for themselves.  While my images and the images other people create might wow you, there is nothing out there that can replace YOU actually seeing it for yourself.

So my wish for each of my readers this year is simple.  I wish that each of you can experience the places that capture your imagination.  There is no time like the present folks, and you deserve to see those places.  They’re what keeps the imaginative child alive in each of us.

It’s not about seeing amazing places before they’re gone

It’s about seeing amazing places before you are……


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  1. Happy Birthday, Rich!
    Nothing risked, nothing gained.
    I’m afraid I’m one of those who gets lead by the heart more than the brain. So many places to experience…so little time.
    I wish you good luck on your new venture…try not to define “success” monetarily; look at what your doing, and where, and the freedom results of risk. You have a roof and food and much to do…what else is there that really matters?
    Box Canyon Mark

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