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Some of Ian's latest originals. The wall isn't done yet......

So, what’s happening this week?  No photo walks this weekend.  Other things are happening though……

  • 4th Friday Artwalk, and Ian’s new show:  That’s right, another 4th Friday Artwalk here in Prescott.  And tonight Ian is premiering his newest paintings.  We rarely have a bunch of Ian’s originals in the gallery, and tonight folks can get a look at many new original pieces that Ian has completed this year.  Here’s the interesting kicker……Ian’s been doing water color for 20 years.  Tonight gives people their first look at his move into painting with oil.  20 years of oil paintings for his future?  Who knows.
  • Laurie Excell’s new training video:  Scott Kelby announced this today on his website.  I noticed the video the other day while I was trolling around Kelby Training, and I got around to watching it this morning.  Laurie’s new video is on sensor cleaning.  It’s funny, that topic keeps coming up.  I talked quickly about the Arctic Butterfly on Canon Blogger’s recent podcast.  Then Josh G got in touch to ask me about cleaning his sensor.  There’s an oil spot on his new D700.  Eeeek!  I’ll tell you, the tutorial is pretty short, worth your time, and if you’re a Kelby Training subscriber take the time to go and watch this one.  Useful tips!
  • Rick Sammon’s new online video:  Sticking with the online training theme, Rick Sammon has a video on the 5D & 5D Mark II.  Ah yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for!  I know there are cool little extras in my Mark II that I have yet to discover.  If I have time today between preparations for tonight’s gallery event I’ll be going through this tutorial!  Glad Kelby’s training site has access to so many great photo professionals!
  • Photo Contest “Wrapped” Up:  Sorry, the winner of the B&W contest gets a gallery wrap, and I thought putting “wrapped” in quotes was funny.  If you read here regularly you get used to this sort of nonsense from me.  With the Black & White winner selected there are no current contests running.  Here’s what I’d like…..your suggestions for the next contest.  So, ponder what type of contest you’d like to see, then leave a comment here.  We’ll get another one going shortly.
  • Quiet blog for a few days:  The blog will be going quiet from Sunday – Tuesday.  A very short trip out of town, and I won’t say much beyond that.  You’ll have to check my SPOT map to see where I’m at.  Maybe I’ll even pop up a tweet or two.  We’ll see.  With luck I’ll be coming back with an interesting photo or two…….
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The gallery's layout is changing again!

There’s the latest from me.  With all of that typed up and out there I think I’ll go check out the 5D video.  Ian will be back shortly and we’ll continue re-hanging the gallery!

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  1. Just watched Laurie’s “open heart surgery” tutorial. She did a fantastic job explaining the process – I’m still not ready to operate… I skipped the 5D Comparison. I’m still looking for a 30D tutorial, which may or may not exist.

    Have fun this weekend. I’ll be checking in with SPOT. We all expect a full report next week.

  2. Thanks again for helping me with what type and size of file to upload from the walk. I have seen the Rick Sammon 5D Mark II tutorials…very informative and goofy at times…but what else do you expect from Rick. I have shot with the Mark II a few times, and was very, very impressed. You must be having a blast with yours. Have a safe trip.

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