My “Weekend Blowout” Sale

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Well, Ian is off paddling the Verde this weekend, so I’ll be manning the store front. So exciting!  Hopefully we’ll see a busy weekend…..we really need one.

I’ve decided to have one of those “random sales” on my pieces this weekend.  Is it out of the goodness of my heart?  Nope.  I need to raise some money.  You know, for upgrades and other items needed to grow my business.  Oh, and I’d also like to pay myself this month since I didn’t pay myself last month.

So, what’s the sale?


30% off of all of my work.  That means unframed prints are 30% off, all gallery wraps hanging on the walls (of my work) is 30% off, all framed pieces of my work are 30% off.  I think you get the idea.  Oh, and so nobody gets funny with me, the 30% off only applies to pieces by R.L. Charpentier, not any other artist in the gallery.  Sorry, can’t discount other people’s stuff that much.

And just to let you know, there are a few pieces that are 50% off.  A couple of large framed pieces from Sedona and Route 66, and a few canvases.  Just want to make room for some new prints you see.

So, pop on by the Ian Russell Gallery of Fine Art.  220 W. Goodwin Street, Suite 4.  Prescott, AZ.  86303.

For regular readers, remember, I’m on the fence and at a cross road with a recent job offer.  This would be the weekend to show some support.  I have to make my final decision on May 24th……..right after I return from a White Pocket Workshop.

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