Natural Bridges and Canyon of the Ancients

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The latest video update from Cortez. We’ve had the chance to visit 3 National Monuments from here, and set the stage to get started right into our National Monuments Project in a few short weeks.  While we’re still short on our goal, I’m still excited about the prospect of bringing the first “RV’ers Guide to the National Monuments of the Southwest,” alive.  A week is a long time on the net, and if the interest is there we’ll get this project backed!

It’s been great to be back in the Southwest.  I certainly enjoyed my time working back on the east coast, but it’s become pretty apparent that I’m now a convert to life in the dry climates.  So much for beach time!  Still, we have plenty of sand and sun here, just lacking the ocean.  And if I need to see it, well travel is always an option!

Thanks to everyone who has backed the project so far!  Keep in mind, if this does get backed videos like this one will be out every week here at the Airstream Chronicles to keep you up to date on our progress.  I’m willing to be there will be photos too.  😉


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