Of Airstreams, Potato Salad, and shady e-mails

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So this morning’s announcement about our new Kickstarter project garnered a lot of interest right off the bat.  But not the kind of interest I was hoping for.

I wrote the post last night and set it on a time delay to go up early in the morning.  When I woke up my inbox had many e-mails about the project.  Most of them from marketing companies offering to boost our visibility on Kickstarter and other social media outlets.  Pay $X and get extra promotion and visibility.  Are these folks legit?  Who knows, but I think I’ll leave it up to this site, our readership, and followers on Facebook and Twitter.  We’ll just have to see.

It’s pretty amazing to me that almost immediately after launching and posting the project I’d receive so many e-mails from online marketing groups that specialize in getting these projects out there.  They must monitor the site for every new project launch.

This project isn’t potato salad….

There is something to be said for a project going “viral.”  Take for example the Potato Salad kickstarter project.  It’s a total goof.  And it went viral!  The project is backed for over $54K!!!  Sure, it’s funny, and honestly I’d like a potato-salad themed haiku…… but it looks like the project is already fully funded!

Instead our project is a little more serious.  And I’d really like to see it get backed.  Given the number of readers here it should be super easy to back, even for a few dollars each.  And something amazing will come out of the project if we reach our goal!

Let me know what you think.  Maybe we could make some potato salad in the Airstream and take a picture of it!  🙂

6 Months of the Airstream rolling

If the goal is reached the Airstream will be in constant travel mode from October to April.  44 National Monuments in 6 months is a pretty big task.  But I know we can make it happen, and produce some amazing images from places very few people ever visit, let alone even know about.

When we get under way I’m thinking about focusing more on the BLM, USFS, and State Parks for camping.  There are so many fantastic boondocking sites in the west, it would be nice to roll some of those up into what we’re writing about as well.  Plus I’ve enjoyed all the boondocking we’ve done in the past!

If you haven’t seen the project yet……

Well, here’s your chance!  And if you’d like to read more and back the project simply click here.


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