An Airstream Caravel

Off to see the wizard!

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No, tornadoes haven’t touched down in Prescott. And no, the Airstream hasn’t been sucked up into the clouds. Finally,no, there isn’t a little dog here by the name of Toto, nor is the band of the same name here either…….

Tomorrow I’m heading down to Phoenix for the day. And the wizard I’m going to see won’t be hiding behind a curtain. He’ll be on stage with a camera and lighting equipment. A different kind of wizard to be sure.

For you photo buffs out there I’m willing to bet your minds went to Pocket Wizards….nope, but along that line.

Joe McNally will be in town tomorrow doing a location lighting class for KelbyTraining.  Yup, you heard me…….

Joe McNally!

I’m pretty excited.  And I’ll try to funnel that excitement into an interesting post on Wednesday.  Have a great Tuesday!  I know I will.  🙂

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  1. Aaagghhh, I knew about it, and thought about attending, but really didn’t have the funds at the time. Rich, what are some of your ‘take aways’ from the event?

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