Oh Toto, we are in Kansas….and it’s hot here!

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After a day of driving along Route 54 the Airstream can be found outside of Liberal, KS.  The claim to fame for this town?  Dorothy’s house is here.

Dorothy who you may ask.  Well, Dorothy Dorothy.  You know.  Cute kid, landed a house on a witch.  Hung out with questionable guys that she met while frolicking on the yellow brick road.  Melted a witch with water.


Storm clouds in the distance.  Oh yeah, I'm not in Arizona any more

Storm clouds in the distance. Oh yeah, I’m not in Arizona any more

Unfortunately I didn’t get by to her house today.  Pretty exhausted.  Spent really.  A whole day of fighting winds along Route 54.  The whole time I was thinking, “Hey, isn’t this tornado alley?  And what do tornadoes love more than anything else in the world?  Trailers……”

So as the dark clouds roll in, and the local word on the street is thunder storms the next few days I’m left to wonder.  Dorothy’s house wasn’t an Airstream…..I should be okay.

Parked at the Western Star RV Ranch

Parked at the Western Star RV Ranch

Allstays 2, Garmin -2

Tonight the Airstream is parked at the Western Star RV Ranch.  It’s a few miles outside of Liberal on 54.  It’s a pretty basic park, about 7 years old.  Huge flat sites, graveled lot, no shade trees but this is Kansas after all, banging fast Wi-Fi (I always test park networks upon arriving, even though I’m using my 4G), hot tub, laundry, etc.  Decent park, the host was very nice, and only $30 for the night.

My Garmin GPS was purchased at the end of 2012.  This park has been around for 7 years.  And yet my Garmin doesn’t have it at all.  Allstays on the other hand has the park.  And if you remember back in February the Garmin didn’t have the park I was at in Kingman either.

The office and laundry buildings at the Western Star

The office and laundry buildings at the Western Star

So, Allstays does it again.  The information was accurate, correct phone number, all on the money.  What’s happened Garmin?  My old 2610 had everything under the sun.  And the Nuvi?  Yeah, disappointment.  I keep getting notifications to update it, but I’m wondering why?  2 year old GPS doesn’t have a park that’s been around for a decade?  Maybe Garmin should talk to Allstays.


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