One more service for RV Parks

Richard Charpentier RV Park Web Design, Travel Leave a Comment

Earlier today I added one more service offering for RV Parks.  A virtual video tour through the park.

For those parks that don’t need to mobilize their website, this could still be a valuable service.  What does the park really look like?  How big are the sites?  What type of amenities does the park offer?  Well, all of these questions can be answered pretty quickly with a tour through the park.

I’d been thinking about offering this for a while now, and finally decided that it could be a useful offering to potential clients.  For instance, today I read about a park with some really severe complaints over at RV Park Reviews.  The thing is, 2 years ago the park came under new management and is addressing  the issues.  Unfortunately there aren’t any photos or video of the park to demonstrate the improvements.  And their website lacks new images since the change in ownership.

Hopefully this will open up a few more opportunities for the business venture.

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