Our first retail database is available – Park Manager Lite

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In 1996 I developed my first database for Sprint PCS.  It was called FACSDB.  That was short for Facilities Database.  Pretty lame name, but a powerful program that was used to track all connections from our cell towers back to our Mobile switching centers (MSCs).  Over the course of 2 years the database grew into a larger management system documenting all of our connectivity right down to the port on a card.  Pretty nifty for a former economist.

Since that first database I have developed other systems for SunCom PCS (a national tracking system), US Cellular, Atlantic Western Consulting, and a few other companies that I have non-disclosures with.  In all of that time I never developed a stand alone system that I could resell……. until now.

camping_trailerI’m super happy to announce that Park Manager Lite is now available for RV Parks nationwide.  Currently it’s packaged for IOS 6 & 7 devices, and for Mac OSX.  If we find there is a demand for the program from Windows parks we will port it as that will take no time at all.

Park Manager Lite is a very simple RV Park reservation, booking, and guest management platform that is easy enough for even the most novice computer user to understand.  The idea behind it came about as I traveled from small park to small park that doesn’t have a Point of Sale system or even a simple reservation system.  The database was created to help save office staff time, and their guests time as well.

If you’d like to see the announcement video over at RLC Design, simply click here.

I have to say, I am very excited about this program, and I’m hoping that smaller RV parks nationwide find it to be a product they’d like to use.  Park Manager (not Lite) is also in development for those parks that want to tie into a POS, and should be ready to launch by March.

Oh, and if you’re wondering….Yes, I will happily design management systems for whatever industry you’re in.  I do not restrict the types of databases I’m willing to create.  So, if you need your own management system please feel free to get in touch.


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