Airstream and Saguaro

Out of the desert and back to work

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For the past week we’ve been in the Borrego Springs area, camping at a popular spot known as Peg Leg.  We traveled back to Borrego in order to see Bert & Janie, as I haven’t seen them in a few years.  It was a great reunion.

While we were working while out in Borrego, the real work starts this week.  Actually, the next 5 weeks are basically booked, and that’s a good thing.  So, we did enjoy ourselves a bit while in Borrego.

We didn’t just hang out with Bert & Janie the whole time.  Instead we met and visited with many other folks who were out dry camping in the area.  As always, we made a few new friends which is a big part of travel for me.  I enjoy meeting new people while we’re out on the road.

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Shot with the GoPro in video mode and then screen captured. Our send off from Bert, Janie, Jack, and Randy hidden behind Jack.

One favorite person wasn’t a person at all.  Jack was a cute little pup owned by Randy.  As Randy explained it, most people remember Jack immediately, and they remember him as Jack’s owner.  That was funny, but I understand what he meant.  Many people remembered my black lab, Dana, before they remembered my name.  Some dogs just get all the attention.

Borrego Blows

Now I don’t mean that in a bad way.  I mean that Borrego really Blows!  The winds that come down off the mountains are AMAZING!  Blasting winds at time.  And with them come the sand storms and amazing haze.  One day we found ourselves wishing for re-breathers.  And boy did the Airstream fill up with fine sand.

hazemoonchoc (1 of 1)

Dust haze obscured the moon the other nigh, but made for interesting images!

In addition to the incredible winds that happen out there, we also had one other dust generator.  The 4 wheelers that use the area as their playground create a ton of dust.  Saturday there was almost no visibility, and it was a wind free day.  100% 4 wheeler traffic generated some insane dust clouds.

Thinking warm thoughts

The big draw to the area for me?  The warmth.  While the east coast has been getting hammered by snow storm after snow storm, we were enjoy 80 and 90 degree weather.  Warm!

Dry camping though meant no Air-conditioning for us.  We relied on the Fantastic fans which did a great job in the 80’s.  In the 90’s though…..yeah, a little AC would have been nice.

But even with a few days that were a little too hot it was nice to be out of the deep freeze that so many people are in right now!

A great trip

Overall, we had a great time.  New friends, mountain biking with Bert, visiting around a campfire……  The trip had it all.  “Winter camping” at it’s finest!

Now our minds turn back to lots of work.  Kingman is next, then right down to Phoenix for a few weeks.  The posts will be updated regularly.

Oh, and another video from Borrego will be up sometime soon.  I shot hours of footage with Bert while he experimented with his new GoPro!


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