Photo restorations take time, but it’s always fun to see a client’s reaction

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This morning I set to a task.  Not the easiest task either.  Bringing an old color image that’s faded beyond words back to life.

Last week a client dropped this piece off and asked me to do what I could with it…….

Somewhere along the way the color went out of it.  And it seems to me that someone tired coloring it with something, not sure what.  You can see the woman’s hand and the child’s arm have had some type of coloring applied to them.  Who knows what was applied.

In order to deal with the image I decided first to get it into Photoshop and go totally black and white.  From there, several steps for colorization.  First skin tones.  Then some blush.  Whitening the teeth and eyes.  And finally on to the outfits.

I’m about 60% of the way through the process now, and tired of pixel peeping, hence the post.  🙂

Here’s where I’ve gotten thus far……..

Of course, there’s more cleanup to be done, some fixes on where color spilled over, etc.  But it’s coming along……..Ever tried a colorization like this?  I’d love to hear from you.  🙂

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