Photographing people in a busy downtown does have its perils!

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Shooting around Prescott Sunday morning with Jantina was fun.  I’ve got some good locations in mind for portrait work here in town, and that’s exciting.  Often I see photographer after photographer here in the Firehouse Plaza, and I really don’t want to redo what these people are already doing.

While we went from location to location I found that shooting a person in public is fraught with perils.  People walking along stop and stare.  Photographer, lighting guy, model…..what’s going on?  Additionally, there are tons of distractions……..

This one is posted with Jantina's okie dokie. This is her, "There's a fake goat on that truck" face

Early into shooting on the courthouse plaza we picked a nice bench, figured out lighting, and started in.  Behind me was Cortez Street, and there’s always something going on.  And one “something” caught Jantina’s attention just as I clicked the shutter.  “There’s a fake goat on that truck.  It’s a fake goat!”  The look above demonstrates Jantina’s concern over said fake goat.  Personally, I didn’t get to see it.  I was too busy looking at the camera’s screen snickering about the image.

Jantina did compose herself after seeing this weird truck / goat combination and the next image we captured looked a lot less worried.

With the offending goat and truck gone we were able to get back to shooting some more.  I like to call the courthouse plaza images Jantina’s “Keller Williams Look.”  Keller Williams is a local real estate company, and many of the images we got could totally go on a Realtor’s web page, business card, or name badge.  Maybe Jantina has a future in real estate!

Wouldn't you totally buy a house from this woman? 🙂

The most important thing to take away from this post is not that I could do head shots for local realty companies around here.  That’s a given, and I bet the images would help them sell way more houses……

The key to this post is simple.  Lot’s of things can distract you while photographing people. Other people for instance.  Joking around with the client about their “executive look”, getting your lighting person laughing too…..and finally.  Fake goats affixed to trucks driving by can just blow everything apart!

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