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blairvalley-1I never know, am I supposed to put a dash between Anza and Borrego?  I’ve seen it both ways around here.  With a dash, and without a dash.  Ah well, it’s one of those life mysteries!

My week in AB has gone by quickly.  Tomorrow I’ll be hooking up the trailer and heading East.  Go East young man….Back to the hometown that I enjoy so much.  Back to the place I discovered only after leaving AB in 2007.  What a wonderful turn of events.

During my time here I’ve managed to get several photos that I had hoped to.  I also didn’t get every place I wanted, leaving me another good reason to return again!

While here I’ve done just about everything photographically I could do.  I’ve used most of my equipment that lives in the trailer.  Thought I’d tell you about what’s been used out here.

  • Both the 30D and 40D have been with me at all times.  I tried to avoid switching lenses when I could, and would switch cameras instead.
  • Of course, my 10-22mm lens was out often.  The new 70-200mm L series lens got a lot of play as well.  Finally, my trusty 28-135 seemed to always be on one camera or the other.
  • Many of my flower close ups were achieved with the new L series.  Really sharp detail with that one.
  • Panoramics were shot with the 24-135.
  • The 10-22 made up the “wide angle goodness” for many HDR shots.
  • I shot standard photos, HDRs, and set up many panoramic series.  I have a lot to process when I get home!  Seriously, a lot to sift through!
  • Portraits were also shot.  Both of myself and of friends.  I have a few ideas for the photos of friends, but all that work will keep until I get home.
  • My new Lowe Pro pack was used a lot.  Great water bladder system with a waterproof camera area in the pack!
  • Of course, the Crumpler bag was out often too.  If it wasn’t a big hike, the Crumpler bag.  For a long dry hike, the Lowe.
  • Each evening was spent with minor sorting, testing out Photoshop techniques, and chatting with friends……

There’s the quick wrap.

On the trailer tech side….  The Mac has been chugging away.  Lightroom2 still rocks, maybe it just rocks a little more each day.  My new OWC portable drives are storing everything I’ve shot.  And I’m experimenting with CS4 Extended.  Oh, and I’ve been leafing through Scott Kelby’s updated Photoshop for CS4 book.  Glad to say it got to me the day before I left!  Great timing!

Well, there’s what went into my photography for this week in Borrego.  A good deal of time I wasn’t shooting.  I was walking, talking, drinking water / gatorade, and eating good stuff.  The cameras were always there, but often they were off and I was just “being” here.  I’ll “be” back again next year, same bat time, same bat channel.  😉

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  1. The dash (hyphen) is correct.

    (From the California State Parks web page)

    Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is the largest state park in California. The park is named after Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza and the Spanish name borrego, or bighorn sheep.

  2. Thanks for letting us tag along on the trip with the blog. Safe travels back to AZ.

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