The dells from The Airstream Chronicles

Pre-Dawn Shopping

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Yesterday I wandered off into the Granite Dells with my old friend Bob.  I first met Bob back in 2007 when I arrived in Prescott.  He was my first climbing partner in the area.

It didn’t take Bob long to notice the Airstream back in the park, and he was over the day after I unhitched the trailer.  He’s ready to climb!  I’m not so sure I am, but he sure is.

So yesterday we went out scouting some new routes below the dam.  It was a fun walk, but for a guy who has basically been at sea level for almost a year I can say that I was pretty darned tired when we were done.

Getting back to the Airstream I had a little snack, turned a movie on……and completely passed out.  I did wake once and migrated from the couch to the bed.  Woke up at 4:30 a.m. today, and ready to go!

Since I was up so early I figured I’d take advantage of the time of day and get the Thanksgiving grocery shopping done!  No time like the present.  By 6:30 a.m. everything was loaded in the Titan and that is that.  I will not be going into any of the stores for Thanksgiving shopping or Black Friday shopping.

Have you heard about all these businesses that are going to be open on Thanksgiving?  Black Friday was bad enough, but now this?  Out of control!

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