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You know, years ago I attended many “User Group” gatherings. Normally it was for things like “Lucent Users Groups” and other such telecomm user groups. I always like the acronyms. That’s the sign of an engineer, right?

Well, tomorrow I get to present to PMUG.  This should be a fun one.  When I was first contacted about presenting the other month I received the following request in e-mail.


The Feb meeting is at 10 AM on the 20th. We have a very brief introduction and then the presentation, followed  by a coffee and cookie break and the very very short business meeting.

We can have the club computer connected to an overhead projector or connect your Mac book if you prefer. You do not have to use the over head projector unless you want to, but it is available.

We would like to hear about how you edit photos, produce your blog, or any other uses of  your Mac that you care to talk about.

Now, lets think about how I use my Macs.  And how much of a Mac fan I am.  Have you thought about both things?  Yeah, me too.  And the possibilities regarding the presentation are wide open!  Pretty dangerous for the folks attending tomorrow, don’t you think?  I could go on for hours…….

So, I’ve been rehashing what I’m going to speak with the members of PMUG tomorrow.  There are really too many topics I could cover, and I’ve got to keep the time limited to about an hour tops.  What am I thinking about doing for the get together?

  • An introduction of course.
  • A quick listing of all I use my Macs for.  I’ll keep it brief, but I’ll list everything that my Macs are put through on a daily basis.  Then we’ll get into some of the detailed stuff.
  • For the first half of the presentation I think I’ll be talking about the power and range of portable Macs while on the road.  Not even just on the road, as I’m still in my Airstream.  Space savings and technology go hand in hand.
  • For the second half of the presentation I’ll get into how my Macs have played into my business.  Digital Photography workflow, editing, printing, and managing client files.

Overall, I think the whole thing will be fun!  And I hope that folks attending will find something useful in my ramblings.  😉

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