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Whiskey Row is changing....

Sometimes I think I get so into the technical side of photography, the travel, and looking for something that pops out at me that I forget I’m doing something else as well.  Capturing that moment in time.

Recently I’d heard that the folks over at Annalinas were shopping the place around for sale.  And today heading down Whiskey Row to get a gatorade I looked for that door front and awning that are oh so familiar to me…..and didn’t see them.  Then I realized, renovation was going on.

One of my most popular pieces here in the gallery is my first “Everybody’s Hometown.”  People really recognize this one.  And when they meet me they go, “Oh, you’re the guy who did that photo on Whiskey Row.”  Yup, guess I am.

People always seem to dig those lone dead trees that show up in my images here and there.  So, I suppose being the guy who took that photo on Whiskey Row is cooler than being the dead tree photographer…..  That just doesn’t seem catchy!

After returning to the gallery I got a little nostalgic and took a look back through some of my Prescott images.  Wow, I’ve got more than a few!

I guess my little trip down memory lane does something else for me too.  Gives me a historical glance at my time here in Arizona.  The photos are more than just something to sell.  They are my historical references, like photos always have been in my previous years.  Wonder how I overlooked that part lately?  Probably because I think about it in business terms I suppose.

I’ll have to remind myself, there’s more to the camera going everywhere with me.

Sorry to see Annalinas go.  I’ll pop by soon and re-shoot the scene again for another historical marker.  🙂

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  1. That photo is terrific! Did you edit it in any way with photoshop or use any kind of filter whatsoever?
    I love how the buildings are almost outlined by the orange sky!

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