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Proprietary and Confidential

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The blog has been a sleepy place these past few weeks.  And I have found myself with time to blog now and again, but have written nothing……  Why?

Well, a lot of what I used to blog about was either travel or work related.  In the case of my own business I could write about what I wanted to.  I never talked about specifics with clients when I had issues, and only wrote about what I felt comfortable with making public.  Now in the case of what I do…..well, loose lips sink ships.

Back in the day with Sprint, TeleCorp (AT&T affiliate), US Cell, & Granite Systems I signed things about all I worked on being Proprietary and Confidential.  Heck, Lucent documents always included Proprietary and Confidential.  And the company I’m now working for had the same clauses in their contract when I started.  And honestly it means something even in this super digital age where we say everything online.

I write about this for 2 reasons.  One, the excuse as to why I’ve been pretty quiet.  Long days of work are exactly that.  And honestly I can’t tell you anything about it.  What I can tell you is I’ve been designing databases, working hard, and feeling super valued once more.  Nice.  Beyond that.  Yeah, not going to talk about it.  So in all honesty I’ve got very little to talk about.

As an aside I do have a few observations being back with a large corporation that I can talk about…..

  • People still don’t read instructions.  They also don’t watch instructional videos. 
  • People complain about systems that they haven’t read about or watched videos about.  Even if the system is documented well, folks just don’t take the time.
  • TV is worse than when I last watched it.
  • People are highly averse to change.

The second reason I write this post today has to do with folks not realizing that blogging or Facebooking about their workplaces isn’t a good idea.  If you’ve signed contracts about information being confidential you shouldn’t be posting company information on your Facebook page every day.  Bad idea folks.  It could lose you your job pretty fast, and if you say way too much it could get you sued.

So, yes, I’m quiet.  Lots going on to be sure, but the bulk of it will not be shared here.  Hopefully with the weather changing and a little free time on the horizon I’ll get out with the camera, document this area and share it on the blog.  I’d like that.  So, keep watching and maybe I’ll find some things we can talk about here.


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