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A few quiet days at the Airstream

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One of our clients won’t be available to meet until next week.  Another is basically wrapped up.  And the third is mulling over a contract I sent along the other day.  And what that all means is I have the next few days off.  Haven’t had a few free days in a row for a while now, and I intend to make use of that time.

Napping, walking, napping, cooking, napping, photography, napping……..

Oh yes, I’m going to take a few naps!  Big fan.

Since we landed back in Prescott we’ve been going straight out the last few weeks.  Always something going on.  So I’ll take the days and enjoy them.  And I’ll also catch up on this blog, updates to our business site, and finish another article for

The Premium Content Experiment

Since I mentioned Living In Tin, I thought I’d provide an update on it.  I know there are a few fellow bloggers out there who are wondering if a premium content site will work.  In short the answer is yes.

Living In Tin was launched after we failed to fund our project to document all of the National Monuments of the Southwest in a 6 month period.  We’ll still be doing it over time, but we have to work to pay for food, gas, and all the rest.  Bottom line, when working with clients we’re not writing an e-Book.  And when writing an e-Book we’re not earning pay checks.  So, something in the middle had to happen.  And that would be Living in Tin.

The initial response was great.  7 signups in the first 2 days of announcing the site.  Since then we have a signup or two per week.  It’s not earth shattering business over here, but it is progressing.  And as people read Living In Tin they’re sharing it too.  We’ve had many 1 day trial signups that have turned into 1 month readers.  I’ll take that.

Living In Tin goes beyond typical travel blog posts.  The most recent article on the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument is HUGE.  According to the calculator, it’s a 25 minute read.  The location is massive, and so is the article.  Also it’s filled with incredible images from the location.

So overall, Living in Tin is doing well.  And we’re on schedule for 2 new articles this month as well.  Every month, at least 2 premium articles.  And they’re not just for RV’ers traveling to the locations.  Most of the guides are useful to tent campers, hikers, and folks visiting these amazing areas.  And we’re trying to stick to lesser known locations for a reason.  Adventure!

For all of the bloggers who have contacted me and asked how the site is performing…..  Better than I expected.  And as the site grows I can see more subscribers popping on.  So stay tuned to that, I’ll continue providing updates.

North-Aire Aviation training planes

Wandering among planes

Walking around an Airfield

The Prescott Airport is surround by fencing, and there are signs everywhere, “Authorized personnel only.”  What’s been really fun over the last few weeks is that I am “authorized personnel.”  Cool, I’ve been validated by someone!

Working with our Air School clients has been very enjoyable.  They’ve kept us extremely busy, but it has been a good busy to be sure.  And getting an up close look at all the training planes, helicopters, and other fun toys has made for a fun time.  Plus nobody gives us a second look as we’re out photographing the planes.  Fun!

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