Rest in peace Christine

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I just read this morning that my cousin Christine has passed away.  She’d been fighting cancer for some time, and yesterday the battle finally ended.  While I’m very sad to learn this, I hope she’s found peace.

Months ago we were talking about our memories on Manchaug Pond.  When I told her I’d be there for a while working she asked to see some photos from the place.  Like me, Christine spent a lot of time on the lake too.  And like me, there were some great memories there.  It’s only been two years since my Aunt Denise passed away (her mom), and I looked back this morning at what I had written then.  Christine had gotten a kick out of my childhood memories, so I thought I should link back to them.

I’m so sorry to learn that she’s gone.  For my cousins, I’m sorry you lost your sister.  And for her sons, I’m sorry you’ve lost your mom.  I know how it feels, but even 15 years after losing mine, she’s still with me.

The view from Uncle Hank's Dock hasn't changed much since I was a child

The view from Uncle Hank’s Dock hasn’t changed much since I was a child

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