Returned home safe and sound: A short report on the Coyote Buttes Trip

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Shot in White Pocket, AZ. This shot is straight out of the 5DII

About 2 hours ago the Nissan Titan pulled into its happy little parking spot next to the Airstream.  I’m sure the Titan is breathing a sigh of relief after the abuse it was put through over the last few days.  So, it will get some rest now.

Oh, and never doubt the Titan…….I’ll explain that more in a later post!

The truck has been offloaded about 50% of the way.  There’s still more to unpack.  But the camera and CF cards were brought in first, and I’m currently offloading photos as I type.  Of course, right after everything was brought in, I hit the shower.  Friday – Monday without a shower.  Yeah, that’s always pleasant!

I’ve popped three photos into this post just to give you a “taste” of what we saw.  The shots are totally unedited.  Just exported from their RAW format to a web size.  One was picked because I’m in it (oh, Josh & Ken as well).  The other were just random selections.  Like I said, the photos are still importing as I type.  Beyond what I saw on the screen when reviewing in the field, I haven’t gotten to really look at the shots.  So, I just scrolled through Lightroom and picked 2 shots.  They can’t begin to do justice to what we saw this weekend, but I bet you still might say wow!  I know I did!


Shot in Paw Hole shortly after dawn. Check my Spot Messenger page and you can see where this was shot.

I can tell you, I’ll be sorting and selecting for days.  This is going to be work for sure!  I know there are some great ones from my reviews, but I’m thinking it will be hard to delete anything…..but it will be done all the same.

Throughout the week I’ll be posting the trip report in chunks.  I’ll also be working on assembling a few video podcasts about the locations shot, off roading as a novice, and the trip wrap up.  Be patient with me.  Where we visited is beyond amazing (I knew it would be) and there’s a lot of detail I’d like to share.  So be sure to pop back by regularly!

Oh, and finally, one last note…….The Find Me Spot Messenger worked pretty well.  About 60% of my messages went out, and about 40% of my tracks.  The stuff only stays up for 4 days, so if you want to see where the Titan and my person went, check the link out soon! Oh, check the “Hybrid” map option in the upper right of the window when on the map.  Very cool!


From nearest to furthest....Me, Ken, & Josh. Tom is hiding somewhere behind my camera taking his own photos!

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  1. Wow – sooc, eh? I wanna chimp your camera b/c I bet shots you delete would make my portfolio! Very nice teaser Rich – can’t wait to see more!

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