Rosie says it’s showtime!

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One of the latest additions to the Ian Russell Gallery is Rosie.  She’s a life sized bronze pig, and everyone who walks in has to say hi to her!

Tonight is David Riley’s new show, and the gallery is just about ready.  Everything is rehung, new pieces are out, and David has 3 new walls in the gallery.

If you’re wondering about David’s new work, you can see it fuzzed out in the background behind Rosie.  Looks like you’re going to need to stop by tonight if you want to see them soon.  Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until I pop a few up on the blog…….

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  1. Rosie’s pretty cool. I’d better get in there one of these first days. Been awhile! Did you get my email re: the Konica T4? If not, I’ll send it again. I need feedback. =)

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