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5 minutes or so to blog…..well, not really, but I’m taking a break.

This morning has seen a lot of activity here at the gallery.  Multiple paintings to image today, then the color matching.  And once that was finished?  Veneering 4 medium canvases.  And all that was done before 9:00 a.m.  Being busy rocks!

I’m trying to get everything cleared off before Friday.  See, Friday I’ll be returning to White Pocket for the Fall Workshop.  That means from Friday to Tuesday I will be unavailable for print clients.  I’ve been warning everyone, but I guarantee you folks will show up looking for me first thing Friday morning.  That’s how it always works, right?  🙂

Fortunately it looks like I’m caught up with all clients this morning!  Oh no, now that I’ve typed that I invited more folks to walk in haven’t I?  That’s okay, I’ll take on a few more clients before it’s time to get out of town! My last task this morning was another hard photo restoration.  More than an hour fixing and cleaning an image from the 1930’s.  Gotta tell you, while photo restoration can be tedious it’s also very rewarding to bring a memento back from the brink.

What’s new at the gallery

The scene from 4th Friday Artwalk

The works of CS Fritz are still on display here at the Ian Russell Gallery.  Unfortunately for those of you who were on the fence the other night, Casey’s Robot on Whiskey Row has sold.  It left the building on Sunday.  Also his original robot “Resting on a Bridge” has also sold.  You snooze, you loose.

Fortunately Casey does take requests.  So, if you’re looking for a piece from CS Fritz, get in touch!

In other gallery news, we’re still open!

That’s right.  Despite the tough economy, living on a shoestring budget, and hearing constantly from walk throughs that they love everything but can’t get anything because of the economy, we’re still here.  Maybe we’re gluttons for punishment, who knows.  🙂

This weekend was pretty good combined with the ArtWalk.  Ian sold another 30×30 Thumb Butte Giclee on canvas.  Nice painting to be sure, and as always, the reproduction looks as good as the original!

What’s new with Rich?

Ummmm……   My boat is here!

Okay, I know that’s getting old, but it is an accurate statement.  Why is it I want to be out on the water right now rather than here in the gallery?

Of course, I’ve been keeping busy.  Lots of activity at the Airstream lately.  Just the other day I got a new toilet for the Airstream.  There’s exciting news and I’m sure you’re happy to have read this far!

Given the fact that the Airstream is 6 years old and I’ve been full timing for 4 years it’s no surprise that some systems are starting to wear.  The power converter went a few months ago.  The water input for city water died last spring.  The water heater regularly needs to be flushed out.  And finally, the foot lever on the toilet died the other week.

Hopefully that’s all the mechanical issues for a while.  Cross your fingers!

In personal news……  ah, my personal life is pretty quiet.  I do need a nap, but that seems to be constant.  One of these days I’ll have to take one again!

While I do need a nap, I can promise you that I will never nap on this sleeper sofa....

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