Airstream and Saguaro

What season is it?

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For weeks we’ve seen freezing temperatures.  Snow on the awning.  Downpours.  And of course, cranking up the heaters every night.

Something changed a few days ago, and Prescott started warming up…..right when the Airstream was getting ready to hit the road in search of warmer temperatures.  Even with the warm up, it was high time to head out onto the road and do some more work on a few National Monuments!  And with the weather change, well you know, we’ll be wearing shorts.

For friends and family in New England….I know, I know.  4 feet of snow in the front yard, you’re huddled for warmth together…..I remember those days.  Hopefully the images over the next few weeks will warm you.  Or you’ll thinking I’m rubbing it in.  Take your pick, both view points are valid.

Towing avoidance

Ever since my first trip through Phoenix with the Airstream I have made extreme efforts to not tow through that city ever again.  And as I was looking at my trip plan I decided to take an extreme approach to “Phoenix avoidance.”  Go north!

That’s right, I’ve change the trip schedule completely, opting to head into New Mexico first.  We’ll hit a few locations here, then take the southern route back into AZ, and circle around the Phoenix area.

Sorry Phoenix friends, but your traffic is a little nutty.  I love it when people zip by me, get in front, and then jam on their brakes.  It’s a favorite sport of mine from the days I used to have to drive into Boston….oh wait, not a favorite at all.

Recently my friends Bert and Janie had the pleasure of driving through Phoenix with their Airstream.  And like me, it’s going to be one of those must avoid places on their list going forward.  I can’t believe it, but Phoenix drivers are on par with New England drivers!

Rolling again

It’s good to have the Airstream on the road once more.  Our stop in Prescott should have been one moth, or worst case, two months maximum.  But one thing led to another, and we’ve been in the area for a few months longer.  That’s okay, we’ve been finding clients, and you’ve gotta work to pay for the travel!

As we have a break in our client schedule we figured it was high time to get out to the next few National Monuments on our list, and develop some more information on each location for Living In Tin.  And the trip so far is going great!

Last night the Airstream was parked in Springerville, AZ.  Tonight, Caballo State Park in NM.  Tomorrow, somewhere near White Sands!

Keep checking in, the photography will start soon.  Actually, it’s already started, I just haven’t offloaded the camera yet, as I’m waiting to put together another photography tutorial for Living in Tin.  Tomorrow we’ll have some images up for sure!  If you’re dying for images right now, check out my Instagram feed.

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  1. I too try and avoid the Phoenix area, and I’m not towing a trailer! It’s 100 miles of suburban sprawl separated by traffic jams.
    This may be hard to believe, but Phoenix was a nice small city in the 1970’s. A few million people ago.

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