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Recently I commented on PixSylated’s blog about all the noise out there lately.  Syl’s got a great blog, and whenever I go read something new there it’s almost always of value to me.  He’s definitely not part of the noise.  But it sure is hard to sort through with so many blogs, forums, reviews, etc.  Where do you find consistently good information?

Well, for me, that’s pretty easy.  I’ve got a long reading list, and today I added to it once more.

I noticed this morning that I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my Breathing Color Lyve review.  In the interest of seeing what else is out there I Googled Breathing Color and came across a great review on a very good site.  Ken Doo had a fantastic review of Lyve.  Best part, he’s using an Epson wide format, so readers can get a different point of view with another manufacturer’s equipment.  Looking through his site you can see pretty quickly there’s a lot of good information.  Ken’s been added to my list of “must reads” each week.

Also, on the “must read” list, check out Trey Ratcliff’s latest stuff over at Stuckincustoms.  I’m now receiving his newsletter as well.  Trey is an amazing photographer, I’m wowed every time I visit his site and see his latest.  And from his newsletter I learned he reviews things too, specifically he did one on a Nikon lens.  What I loved with this particular post was his disclaimer at the start, and I’m going to include it for readers here to see (you should pop by his site too).

A Stuck In Customs Review Disclaimer: I am not a hardware geek. I don’t go over-the-top in describing every little nerdy feature of the hardware. I’m simply a photographer that tries a lot of hardware, and either I like it, or I don’t. I’m very practical about this stuff and I won’t drone on about things just to hear myself talk. Also, if you choose to buy, all my links go to B&H Photo, who is a sponsor of the site. Note that even if they did not sponsor the site, I would still link to them, since they are generally considered to be the best. Ask any professional photographer, and their eyes will glaze over whenever you mention B&H. And yes, they always have the best prices among reputable vendors.

Ah, this is the disclaimer in my mind every time I write a review about new lenses, cameras, gear, etc.  No going into every detail.  There’s tons of that out there.  And he’s very straightforward about where he’s coming from.

So, if you’re sorting out the noise from the gems, there’s two  gems (in my opinion) for you.

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