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Alright, I have to admit I’ve sort of been watching TV again.  Sort of.

Not long ago I decided to give Hulu Plus a whirl with my IPhone.  I’m out of the loop on the latest TV series you know.  It’s been a while.

So, playing around with Hulu Plus for the IPhone has been fun.  And I got a little hooked on one show.  Hell’s Kitchen.  Can you believe I just admitted that?  I know, how embarrassing.  But seriously, I’ve gotten a kick out of it.

Watching the show led me to wonders…….  Where’s the Pro Photographer Reality show?  There’s a reality show for everything.  So where is it?  They could simply call it, “The Photographer”

Catchy, eh?  Well, if it ever comes to pass you read it here first.  Back me up on that okay?  😉

The premise could be pretty simple.  Take a group of photographers who want to have a cool studio, etc, and have crazy little competitions like Hell’s Kitchen.  No, we won’t make them cook, but maybe we could make them photograph the food on Hell’s Kitchen in one episode.

I figure the host could be a known photography figure.  Kelby comes to mind.  Joe McNally.  Maybe Joey L?  Zack Arias (oh that would be fun).  And of course, guest judges could pop in and out of the studio.

Competitions could run the gamut.  Fine Art shooting one day, commercial work the next, photographing cranky 2 year olds that didn’t get their naps, etc, etc.  Maybe toward the end of the series you could have the final 4 each shoot a wedding separately.  Bet you’d find a few folks willing to move their wedding date for a free shoot and national exposure.

Now I suppose we’ve got to find some angle (heh).  Should the host be a yeller?  Should it be two hosts, playing the good cop bad cop deal?  Should Joe McNally rate people based on the 1-5 Speedlight system?  So many questions……..

Clearly I need to stop watching reality cooking shows……..

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  1. It’s been done ;). I can’t remember the name but I saw it maybe three years ago. It was strictly fashion though.

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