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Some things are worth repeating

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Yesterday while doing my daily reading I popped by Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider and read Terry White’s guest post.  Terry has a great blog as well, and if you’re a tech junkie you should already be reading it.  If you’re not, here’s the link.

Terry’s guest post covered his personal workflow.  Very good post and worth your time if you’re a digital photographer.  Since I have my own workflow down I read along just to see what’s different.  And Terry mentioned something that blew me away.  A new app for the IPad, IPhone, and IPod Touch.  It’s called Easy Release, and it’s a model release form that you can keep on any one of your portable devices.

Since I do a little stock photography I usually keep some release forms in my camera back pack.  And honestly, carrying the forms gets annoying.  With Easy Release I have a whole new way of dealing with model releases!  Amazing!  iTunes

Yesterday I borrowed a friend and gave Easy Release a whirl…..the results have me more than wowed, and I won’t be carrying silly paper releases with me any longer!

On the app you put your company information in first.  Get it all lined up so you’re not plugging away while the model waits.  Initial setup takes only a few minutes.  When you’re done with your company information you can actually sign on the screen.  I’m sure it’s easier on an IPad, but I did well enough on the IPod Touch.  Pretty amazing.

Once you’re ready to do a shoot you can plug all the shoot information in.  You can also setup the model information, and finally if you’d like, take a picture with your IPod Touch for a visual record of the model.  Then you can have them sign on screen as well.

From that point the app sets up an e-mail.  You can send it to yourself for your records and to the model for theirs as well.  Extremely slick.  The image above is the final PDF product that you can file away!

Terry, thanks for a great post yesterday and for pointing me in the direction of a very useful application for my IPod Touch!

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