Somebody still blogs here….

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How many days since the last entry?  Too many to really acknowledge.  My longest time away in quite some time.  And no, I did not mean to disappear for such a lengthy period of time.  Sorry about that.

Of course, things come up in our lives.  Distracting things.  Items that pull all of your attention away from your other activities like blogging…….

Things like Facebook for instance.  🙂

Yes, Facebook has preoccupied me.  Lots of typing to many, many, many old friends.  And all that typing there means I’m not typing here.  But I promise you, I’ve got my Facebook addiction under control.

Yesterday I attended another blogger gathering hosted by Granny J.  I met several local Prescott bloggers that I hadn’t met at the last gathering.  It was a good time for sure, and I look forward to the next function (February 8th).  But in order to attend these things I should probably blog occasionally.  Or ask the folks there if writing on Facebook all the time counts…..probably not!  😉

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