Something completely different…. Sports photography?

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Yesterday I stopped by to watch a track meet.  A friend requested that I pop by to photograph a race.  Hurdles.

Uh, yeah hurdles……  Shooting sports?  That’s a hurdle for me.  Something totally new.

The interesting thing?  One race.  Only so many seconds to capture something.  You don’t get to retry.  Changing lighting?  Yeah, not so much.  HDR?  Are you kidding, these runners move way too fast!  So, how did it go?



I think the most interesting thing I noted looking back at the images was the consistency of the hurdlers.  These frames are a few seconds apart.  The first one is two hurdles prior to the second shot.  Isn’t it interesting that these guys keep the same form for each jump?  Yeah, I thought that was cool.

Don’t expect tons of sports photography any time soon.  I’m already a busy guy.  But it was fun to try something a little different!

Great race Pete!


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