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ST-E2 Post delayed, and other news tidbits

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Well, I thought I’d have the next post on my flash experimentation up, but go figure, I left the portable drive at home. I specifically put it next to my keys last night in order to remember it, and look how well that worked out! So, tomorrow!

What’s happening at the Gallery today?

This morning I veneered 4 new canvases.  Two for Robert Jamason’s upcoming opening at the Goldstein Gallery in Sedona, one of my “Grand Canyon Monsoon” prints in a 24×36, and an 18×24 for a friend’s image (it’ll be on its way tomorrow).  Now the canvas is drying right next to me, and they’re all looking good!

Since announcing the “One-on-One” training I’ve had two additional sign ups from local photographers.  I think we might have a hit here!  We’ll just have to wait and see.  I can say, the first one this week was one of my toughest customers when it comes to price point, and he was beyond satisfied with what he got out of an hour and 20 minutes!  That’s always good.

In other news, we’ll be doing Art Walk this Friday.  I know, it isn’t 4th Friday, it’s 5th Friday…..but 4th Friday got toasted by the weather last week.  Who wants to schlep around town in slush, snow, and cold wet stuff?  So, if you missed the Art Walk last week, never fear.  We’re doing it this week!

Well, that’s all I’ve got this morning.  Now it’s back to work.  Reorganizing my Client Library in Lightroom to streamline the printing process.  That should take a little while, as I’ve gotten a little messy with storage.  Time to reclaim some room on the external drives!

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