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Technical Difficulties

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A few days ago my 2006 Macbook Pro started behaving funny. Not comedy routine funny, but flakey funny. You know, something odd going on.

Well, we’ve now experienced a full on hard drive failure. Glad to say everything was completely backed up. Unfortunately, this is going to take a little time to get everything back in place. And for the short term the Macbook Pro is in a coma……. I’ll work on reviving it (trying to) next week with a drive replacement.  For the short term though, the Macbook Pro is out of commission.

Gotta say, I’m sorry to be without it.  That machine traveled across the country with me.  It’s where I’ve blogged from almost every day since March of 2006.  And all the old podcasts on Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles?  Yup, on that Macbook.

So, you can expect me to at least try to breathe life back into it, right?  I’m willing to bet there’s more than one reader out there who has an older piece of technology that they don’t want to replace quite yet….right?  😉

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  1. Oh no! I was sorry to see my old Lisa II die about two years ago. I feel your pain…

  2. Sorry to hear about the disk failure. Stuff happens to mechanical stuff. Glad you have a backup. Time Machine?

    BTW, we still have our 17-inch PowerBook G4 running Tiger with only 512 MB RAM. Works beautifully as Rosemary’s everyday computer. Believe it or not, it is seven years old this month.

  3. Always nice to prove your backup strategy was worth the effort though 🙂

    It might offer you the opportunity to replace that old system drive with an SSD though. Should see a nice boost in performance even on an older notebook.

    If you haven’t already checked out Llyod Chambers’ site which is full of lovely geekery (is that a word?) for the mac using photographer. Has a few nice articles on SSD’s as well.


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