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The 2013 Senior Portrait Season Begins – Two afternoons with Katie

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A little over a week ago we worked with our first “Senior Rep” for R.L. Charpentier Photography.  Katie was the first Senior to respond to our Rep program this year, and she was the first to get on the schedule with us.  We’re glad on both counts!  What an amazing young lady, and what a fun weekend of photography!

The Granite Dells replicated some of Katie’s favorite locations from a fashion website she follows. What luck we have the Dells right here!

For each portrait client(s) I like to sit down and talk about what they’re looking to do prior to a shoot.  Normally I’ll spend 30 – 60 minutes talking with clients before we ever even decide to shoot together.  Big questions are simple.  What do you do?  What do you like to do?  How would you like to portray yourself in a portrait session?  Do you like any particular looks, websites, magazines, etc?

Cloud 8 or Cloud 9?

When we first met Katie and her mom she had the big answers to everything.  She knew exactly what she did and didn’t want.  And she had some fashion ideas of her own.  Several websites were e-mailed to me and I got to find out what it was that Katie wanted from a photo session.  Nice!  Clients who know what they want make my job ever so easy!  Additionally, Katie knew exactly what she didn’t want as well………

Katie had one thing she didn’t want to do for her shoot. A photograph in front of a wall, she’s seen way to many of those. So, for a laugh we did one in front of a yellow wall on day two. I asked her to put her unhappy face on and she sure did!

One of her favorite fashion websites had a few “look books” on it.  One of the favorite look books was shot in Joshua Tree National Park.  How cool.  The best thing about that?  The Granite Dells have the same look and feel as Joshua Tree, only the Dells are right here in Prescott.

Light and shadow can really add to the drama. Shot with off camera flash using Alien Bees to light Katie, and letting the sun create the rock and tree shadows

Just a natural feel with the green spots illuminated by splotchy sunlight.

Saturday was reserved for the Dells, Sunday for in studio and in town for a bit.  Both days were a good time, but I think it’s safe to say we were all really enjoying the Dells on Saturday.  There’s just something about being out in a natural surrounding, and a stunning surrounding at that.  It lends to the images you’re making at the time.

While taking a break we were joking about doing this pose. As our little rest wrapped up we all figured, “Why not for a laugh?” Well, it worked out well, and we did have a laugh.

With Katie’s images wrapped up we’ll be on to our next Senior Rep sessions here in September.  We’ve also still got a few openings for September portrait sessions…….So, if you’re looking for images as unique as you are, well you better get on the books soon.



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  1. What a wonderful location was chosen for this shoot. The first photo with the lichens on the boulder really added that special touch to make the beautiful young lady seem grounded to the earth and her surroundings. A nice touch!

  2. The first thing I noticed in shot 4 was no shadows on her face, but lots on the rock. Very nice lighting on the face!

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