The 5D Mark II status update

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Getting grouchy and complaining works to a degree……what a shame it has to come to that sometimes.

Earlier I received an e-mail confirmation that the camera has been cleaned and shipped via FedEx.  I should see it next week.

So, at least I’ll be getting my camera back without the greasy stuff on the image sensor.  It wasn’t covered under warranty (weird since it was brand new), but it’s on the way back.  Anything like that ever comes up again I’ll head for Tempe camera.  The return / repair process with Canon just fell down on itself for me and I don’t ever want a repeat of that situation.

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  1. You never know when a grease-less camera may come in handy! Specially since you like to take pictures.

    I’m sorry that Canon’s customer service isn’t more on the ball. You know, what REALLY bothers me? The fact that you invest A LOT of money in a camera system, stay loyal, let everyone know how much you love their product…get excited to spend even more money in the future…and IF you happen to have to ship it TO the recommended service place (which is Canon by the way) they DO NOT take the time to contact you with some sort of confirmation that they received your equipment? No email. No postcard. No phone call. NO way to reference said repairs?

    Seriously Canon.

    Big thumbs up for processing this camera quickly and getting it back to you. But a lot of thumbs down for NOT contacting your customer in ANY way. In this day and age when it’s very easy to stay in touch (I mean, you don’t even actually have to talk to someone) why wouldn’t you even make the effort? Good customer service makes your clientele feel very warm and fuzzy…and every time they even remember your company all sorts of happiness comes up.

    I hate to think what would have happened if YOU hadn’t made the effort to contact Canon. I understand that mistakes are made every day, but seriously? Canon needs to rethink their customer service policies and add some form of contact between them and their customers (specially since it usually is costing the customer some bank to get repairs done) I also think we can all agree that in this day and age that we are all too busy to be doing the jobs we have and other people’s jobs as well.

    It horrible to have this kind of experience with a company that you so obviously love and enjoy purchasing their products…because now? There will always be a little blight when you think of them…and frankly, me too since I also shoot exclusively with Canon cameras at the moment. All I can say is THANK heavens for Tempe Camera…close enough for a quick jaunt and a good lunch (and their service staff is absolutely fantastic!!)

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