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The blog hasn’t had a lot of care over the past two weeks.  Many distractions, busy at the office, and feeling a little off.  I will of course make an effort to blog more regularly, but with the schedule I’ve been keeping we’ll see.

Given how much has been going on since the return from the Vermillion Cliffs I keep finding myself wonder how the “big boys” do it.  Scott Kelby for example seems to keep up blogging while running a large company.  Yes, he has guest bloggers and other folks posting now and again, but he still manages to put a lot up himself.  In between making video tutorials, writing books, running a magazine the guy has the time and inspiration to blog.  I think I need to start drinking the same kool-aid he does!  🙂  Better yet, I need allergy season to end.

After all the health issues that started in 05 and ended in 10 I was left with a few presents.  Extremely allergic to milk and eggs.  Oh, and some seasonal allergies.  Right now, Cottonwoods are killing me.  Feeling punch drunk all day long has been “distracting.”  While not totally contributing to my absence from blogging, it isn’t helping especially when you sleep for 8 hours, wake up, and feel like you haven’t slept.

Fortunately, I’ve kept up with work.  Portrait sessions, newborn sessions, new high school Senior sessions.  Still keeping busy in the office!

So, stay tuned and we’ll see how I do this week.  The goal is to get back to Monday – Friday blogging.  I think we can do it.


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  1. Cottonwoods up here in Montana, Rich, and I’m having some of the same problems. Everywhere people say this is one of the worst years. Hope you’re better soon.

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