The Airstream “photo lab” is rocking today

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As we approach the wrap up of this project (several weeks now) I’m starting to prep final packages for my clients.  I’m going through and burning disks from each shoot, rechecking images one more time, flagging things that I may have overlooked, etc.  Also putting together individual galleries for each person who participated in the shoots so they can see their images as well.

Honestly, the shoot is almost the least consuming part of the work we do.  Up front work, site scouting, booking the “models,” post processing.  It’s what you don’t see behind the scenes that is the really intense part of the business.  Of course, if you’re socially awkward I suppose doing the shoot could be pretty daunting too.  Fortunately I like meeting new people, chatting with them, and sneaking a photograph or two in……

The toughest part the last few days?  Selection.  We’ve actually taken so many great frames it’s hard to boil it down to the best of the best.  But that’s a good problem to have, so I’ll go with it.

Right now Disk # 5 is burning.  The Drobo is grinding away backing up everything we’ve shot.  LaCie #2 is also grinding away for the secondary backup.  I’m wanting to work on more video editing as well, but this little Macbook I’m working on can only take so much.  Poor over tasked MacBook.  Oh, and the AC is running to cool the Airstream as it’s pretty toasty here today.

That last sentence is kind of mean.  I hear New England is in for some more snow.  Once I finish these disk burns I’m going for a swim….  😛

Finally I have several hours of video work to do.  I’m going to update my Lightroom 4 Workflow Tutorial with some of the shooting we’ve done this week.  And I’m going to have a little fun with the intro.  The podcast below will give you a “sneak peek” of what I’m working up.

Well, back to work.  Can’t be messing around on the blog all day you know!


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